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  1. i had to destroy my base home and move cause it turns out it was too close to beaver spawn area and a couple of players asked me (nicely) to move.
  2. great, thanks for the info. i think i can reasonably estimate 15 foundations lengths so shoould be good to go.
  3. - yup, i have been playing on both PvE and Local, and i think i have found a reasonable base site - YES, using chat I have met some experienced players, and they have helped a lot - I did not realize i could force respawn material on Local, thats a great tip. NOW FOR A BIG QUESTION -- Resource respawn on OFFICIAL PVE - I dont want to piss off my neighbors by deforesting plants/trees/rocks around the area - In a weeks watching, harvested rocks/plants/trees DONT seem to be respawning. Should they be?
  4. LAUGHS ... i have probably been killed somewhere between 50 and 100 times. i am fertilizer to the wild dinos. i usually cant put a sleeping bag down cause i am in an area the others have blocked off with dozens of pillars so i cant rez anything (am in PVE). - the way most spots are unusable by newcomers is almost enough to make me give up on this game.
  5. I thought about that a couple of days ago, but there are no trilobites in my local area. I would have to go to some other area, a bit of a walk. And my concern was if i took a few tamed animals with me, but still got killed, wouldnt they be stranded there? I assume a 'whistle' has limited range and the animals would not hear and/or would have trouble getting back to me - so I would have to walk back to where they were, and have them follow me as I walked home. - this is also a concern I have about when i get a tamed Ptera, I would hate to get killed far away and have no practical
  6. THANKS, so much great info. - I have done all my hunting on my own, never thought to create a hunting pack. - I have been using tranq arrows in regular bow. is crossbow better for tranquilizing ? - is there a good source for 'rare flowers' that is easy to get to and survive ? Any yes, i will watch those guys videos.
  7. Well i got 2 exactly that way. BUT their saddle needs CHITIN (KERATIN). what is the best way to get that for a low-level beginner like me? The bony turtles give it, but it takes forever to kill them and they dont give a lot. I think there are spiders on a beach someplace but i have not found them yet.
  8. Yes, i have 1-Male and 3-Female Dodos just to generate some eggs and learn about mating/farming. Well, I **HAD** 3-Femals, but yesterday a damn aerial dino flew in and grabbed them (one by one) and carried them off and killed them. This sure is a frustrating game (but realistic for prehistoric times)
  9. I have heard a tiny bit about cryopods but i think they need electricity and for now i want to stay primitive. but thanks for the suggestion.
  10. say i build a small base by gathering plant stuff, killing a few animals for hide, and gathering stone+flint. Now, i *think* resources ()on official servers of TheIsland) will eventually respawn the animals, but what about the plants, and what about rocks? - and if plants/trees/rocks respawn, what if i gathered them from where i build a house? will they appear inside the house? - on official TheIsland servers, what time interval to respawn animals? to respawn plants+trees? to respawn rocks? Is there a link to some website that gives me this info?
  11. Darn, i have found 3 or 4 notes and just assumed they help generically raise my level. if i understand you, i need to click on the note and then it raises points towards levels obtained by building stuff. Us beginners miss a lot of good opportunities not knowing stuff like this. THX
  12. Say i capture and tame a couple of animals (a herbivore and a carnivore), and i set them to no-follow and neutral. - will they die of starvation if i don't feed them? (and if i must feed them, how often)
  13. CHUCKLES. I have not yet been able to tame ANY flyer, the 'Pteradon' is my task for tomorrow since all i need is regular meat. - after that, onward-and-upward, bigger animals and bigger eggs and fancier kibble.
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