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  1. What server are you looking to switch to? I'm also looking to join our start a tribe. I'm on server 45. I'm a noob but made some pretty good progress so far. If you want to team up, let me know.
  2. I'm fairly new to this game but have found my way through with research and running into to some nice people to help get me started but weren't looking for recruits. I really like the game but do enjoy playing with others and it may make things easier than going solo. I'm not sure how the switching servers work and taking tames, but would be willing to learn to play with a great tribe. Hit me up, I'm very interested in playing more and learning more. Currently I'm playing PvE in Ragnarok server 45, if anybody is on there. I'm lvl 78 so far, have a small base I'm working on expanding. A fe
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