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  1. Game is nowhere compared to other games where you spawn in with items and dont have to wait on dumb timers to use the things in game. Like why the cryo sickness for five minutes because you are sick bastards that poorly developed a game and are adamant on running it in a manner that benefits absolutely no one. A very appealing game that a person can spend hours on and will have nothing to show for due to timers and the inability to maintain progress. Games trash.
  2. Had two bloodstalkers starve while offline that were able to eat from trough, the trough had bloodpacks, that was the 2nd that starved to death the other 2 I was raising raised out. Fix your mechanics. There is no reason for it to be so timely to begin with on pvp, maybe on pve but for the risk it is not worth it. Pvp is ruined by timers and outrageous build costs for tek and timers that make absolutely no sense like a bed timer when all you need is multiple beds. It makes no sense to have a bed timer but still allow spawns at beds in the area, for some reason it is like the devs are half brains because with the sleeping bag it does prevent area spawning in on a bag in the area where multiple bags are placed. So fix it to where the bed prevents spawning in on multiple beds in the area or just get rid of the timer no reason a player should have to include multiple beds in their build cost. No reason for a bed timer when players spawn in defenseless and are trying to prevent their things from getting dumped. No point in ridiculously long timers to tame and shame on you for the build cost remaining the same as the prerelease. Its like you morons dont understand that if players are populating more when the rates are high then your base build cost and taming times are too high to attract popularity without events.
  3. Fix the glitch where the tames health drain is continuous when offline and there is food in the trough and their inventory, lost multiple tames raising and it makes the process a real drag even on events when rates are increased still having creatures with full food die it is ridiculous. Reduce your timers, stop increasing rates and reduce build cost, morons!
  4. Stop lying, 16 minute transfer timers are not to prevent duping they are an attempt to trap players on your already low population servers. Reduce your timers!
  5. To enhance player experience by implementing actual physics into the game, a buoyancy factor should be applied to matter that enters water. Buoyancy factors should reduce the weight on items, players, and dinos traveling through the water. Implementation of these factors would have to be based on structure type, I.e wood gets a greater weight reduction than metal, with tek getting the least weight reduction. I feel like adding actual physics to the game is most appealing for different applications of the game and help players not only by making the game more suitable but also educationally in the sense that actual science gets applied and players can factor that into their experience.
  6. How about fixing the glitch that stops people from taming if they transfer servers and back this causes the food bar to get stuck on full. Fix your game.
  7. Mining Drill on small tribes doesnt seem to be correctly displaying whether or not it is ready for upload. Have lost multiple drills to upload not correctly displaying. Reducing the timer from 16 minutes to like a minute tops would definitely ease the burden of such losses. Your timers make the other flaws in your game that much more worse.
  8. The player that is not moving underwater should gain stamina even when being moved by another entity albeit by creature, environment, another player or otherwise. The fact that a player loses stamina and cant gain it back because an creature is attacking them moving their character preventing stamina regen is a mechanical flaw as it should be based on whether the controller of the character has moved them to cause a stamina stagnation not another entity. The simple flaws like this are what truly ruin the game and are over looked whereas other aspects of the game get changed when they do not need to be. Fix your game. Morons.
  9. How about reducing the timers. It is about time the bed respawn timer gets removed survival of the fittest is dead no reason to penalize players that are already spawing in with nothing. How about reducing the cryopod throwout timer 5 minute wait between throwing out a dino is absurd and a 15 minute wait between transfers is a game killer. The thing is none of your timers should go longer than a minute making people wait even that long is a crime or at least it should be!
  10. How about keeping the wild aggressive dinos out of player spawns like despawn them when they enter player spawns. How about turning off the turret kill respawn penalty when a wild magmasaur kills a player. How about fixing your game?
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