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  1. In my opinion this was a bad move on Wildcard's part. You've just alienated and closed off a massive portion of your fan base, which in the long run will cost you money in the end. The only thing that you've successfully done is drive away your loyal fan base that has been with you since 2015. I have spent over $200 on three accounts buying all the DLC's and the main game so my family and I can play together as well as with friends thatI bring over to introduce to the game which brings you revenue. After your announcement about the road map of ark, I am no longer going to be a loyal fan and the thousands of people that I've talked to feel the same way. The only thing that you actually done was cost yourself the money that you're trying to make. How can you loyal fans trust you that in another five years when a new Unreal Engine is released that you don't do the entire thing all over again. We cannot!!!!!! I could have understood having to just paid the money to purchase the new game coupled with the new release of ark survival ascendant, but that should include all the DLC's for the old ark game. But charging for the original game along with the new game that hasn't even come out yet and has had three years of delays is totally unacceptable. Not to mention now having to rebuy all the DLC's once again. On behalf of fans everywhere your company has signed its own death warrant.
  2. I and a lot of the players I have talked to are done with ARK all together. I have been with ark since it first came out. I have 3 full accounts that have thousands of dinos that I have tamed, breed and raised myself. I have paid out over $200 in getting the 3 accounts and all the DLCs. I will never buy another wildcard game again. How can We trust that when UE6 comes out in 2 or 3 years they will not do the same thing all over again. WE CANNOT! I have talked with over 1000 players and we are done with them. Wildcard just signed their own death warrant. Anyone who buys the "New ASA" is a fool and the ARK 2 game will never come out. They have continued to put the release of the game of for 3 yrs.
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