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  1. What is your steam name: Baal , 142926588 ese es mi numero de amigo what timezone are you in: GMT-6 What is your Discord #ID?: Drixter#9842 how old are you?: Im 20 years old do you have experience? (don't need a lot): I have over 200 hours i just started playing with my friend, like 2 weeks ago, i play more than 8 hours per day, i learn alot every day, and my friends are experts that show me they have over 5k hours how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum): 8 hours per day that can be farming, breeding preferently or whatever is n
  2. Im really active i just started playing 2 weeks ago and i already have 206 hours, i play more than 8 hours per day, i love to farm and be active, i love to breed im learning a lot on that, im right now part of a mega tribe on xbox with some friends but its way to laggy on xbox so i want to play on pc, i have also some friends that play alot like me, they probably have way more time that me, i watch all day ark videos to learn and im really open mind to keep learning. I would love to join a big tribe on pc with my friends Discord: Drixter#9842
  3. Hello im looking for a mega tribe im getting a lot of experience i play more than 8 hours per day, im probably on almost the whole as long as im not sleep, im experienced now on breeding, i dont mind to farm or do other things as long as i have fun, i want to help and grow a really big tribe, i also have some friends that want to join with me, we want to have fun but algo to grow on a really good tribe. My friends are a lot more experienced than me they have alot more hours, but im still learning a lot each day, and my mind set up on learning more with the objective to be an alpha.
  4. Im new to the game i start like a week ago, i play mainly on pc steam already got over 100 hours and just started around a week ago, i want to play pvp official on a tribe, im really open to learn, i mainly want to breed, i also play on xbox and i got big tribe there, they are showing me how to breed so i would like to breed here if possible. I also like to farm and i will like to learn to build too. This is my disc Drixter#9842
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