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  1. I don't think I would, As someone who works full time and plays on official, it would likely take years to even scratch the surface of end game & by then I may be barely playing the game. It's due to trading and end game players that have allowed my tribe and I on PVE OFFICIAL to have the vanilla ark experience and reach Tek. But! if it was boosted like Gen 2 then yes, with the missions, HLNA store and effects, I would start over fresh on a new server, it gives options to the grind, grind missions or materials normally, which makes breeding faster also. This is just my personal prefere
  2. Genesis 2, 1187, Official Server PVE. Tribemate didn't have Gen 2 updated when he tried to transfer to Gen 2, it dropped, he finished the update loaded in to Gen 2, but is now unable to transfer out. When he goes to the terminal & chooses a server and presses join, nothing happens. The join with survivor button is depressed but the server transfer doesn't happen, servers also say they are deploying, could this issue be resolved once it says healthy? Can add tribe & survivor name if needed.
  3. Honestly not sure how I feel about this, in Ark one, Tek is what I've been striving to reach, adds an extra goal/element to the game, There are also several Tek items that became vital, like cryopods & fridges, makes raising dino armies much easier. Though I only play pve, Tek has been a big increase to quality of life, though it is possible to play without it.
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