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  1. We're playing on a private server hosted on g-portal though so I don't think the 450 max level is something I need to worry about too much.
  2. Wow, been getting so many helpful tips here. Something I'm wondering though. In most guides I've seen, to get mutations. People say that you breed your base pair once until you have a line of females or males and then you breed this second generation with one of the parents until you start getting mutations. And when you have a line up of one mutation with those babies, you start breeding those with one of the original parents. Is this correct?
  3. Mutations is also something I am a bit confused about. Because the guide I read talked about first breeding up until you had one pair of males and one pair of females with the stats you wanted and then you breed those with several low level dinos that had basically no stats. ANd you breed until they had pretty much 0 in all but the stats you wanted and then you kept breeding those until they'd stacked mutations in the desired stats. It seems.. complicated. Or am I over analysing things here?
  4. Hello, I have been playing ark on and off since Scorched Earth was released, not invested too many hours of my life into it. Creeping up on shy 300, most of which have been spent just faffing about. I recently joined a friend's server and we're planning on making our way through all the maps in order (not counting free expansions) Sure, I feel I know what I'm doing when playing Ark. The oceans isn't so intimidating any-more (and my favourite biome to be in), I get the mechanics, taming, crafting, building, etc. There is one thing that have always felt daunting to get into, Breeding. And since I want to be of help to everyone, I want to help with breeding up dinos for boss runs. And while I know how it works, you take two dinos with desirable stats and breed until their offspring have gotten the raised stats from the parents. But... I honestly don't know where to start. I've scouted around on the forum, looked up guides, videos, read up on stuff and there's one question that I've yet gotten an answer for. What are 'good' dinos to start with? I mean, I saw some threads talking about wild rexes with 10-12k health and 300 - 400% melee damage. Meanwhile I'm sitting here, having knocked out 30 - 40 rexes in the 130 - 150 level range and the highest one I've seen was a male with 7K hp and 230% melee damage. So like, am I counting something wrong? Have I've just had bad luck finding good rexes? Is there something I'm missing somewhere? Can someone give me examples of what are considered 'good' dinos to begin a breeding line with? Any general breeding tips would also be appreciated, like, not basics of how it works but more things to just keep in mind. Starter amount of dinos and so on.
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