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  1. TLDR: Basilisk TLC needs to add a coil ability that makes moving the creature around easier. Coil: Using the "C" key, the basilisk coils itself in place, and is able to pivot around while being unable to move forward or backward. When a movement key is used, the snake moves in the direction it was facing. Poison spit can be used as normal or in this "coiled" state. I recently asked some newer players to ark about their experience with the basilisk, and the overwhelming thought was "this is cool but I'll never use it". The problem with this creature stems not from its stats or abiliti
  2. This suggestion is based off complaints of "pocket gigas" and people being irritated with cryosickness lasting so long with shoulderpets and small mounts. The idea is that the duration of cryosickness on a creature is proportional to its drag weight, meaning higher drag weight creatures (gigas, rexes, etc) are sick for longer than low drag weight creatures (featherlights, raptors, etc). Actual values are subject to debate, but I think it would provide a nice system that allows people to use cryopods in more situations (shorter timers on smaller creatures) and consider drawbacks on depending ex
  3. Seeing as charge batteries have a really unique function to power remote buildings without a generator, it would be really interesting to see them be charged in some capacity from regular and tek generators (or even wind turbines). I'm not sure if there are negative balance outcomes from such a change, but I think it would be a pleasant QoL update that could improve their accessibility for people who don't have access to charge nodes/city terminals (either due to DLC ownership or due to tribes making such recharge runs difficult to impossible). Obviously this isn't anything urgent, but it feel
  4. It is fully intentional that you regen stamina when mounted on any tame, aquatic or not. Doing the water caves with a high level squid, basil, or mosa was reasonable. I could not imagine running either cave without any form of mount...it's simply too dangerous with eels and jellies hiding in the mesh. Afaik health regen occurs underwater, but at a slowed rate when cold or hot and at a loss if you're very cold or very hot.
  5. So my understanding was that mutations were initially added as a way to generate special (not obtainable in the wild) coloring with some sneaky extra stat bonuses. Since the mutation cap was set to 20, I imagine the system was intended to work as a way to make superior but not overly broken creatures that carried bonus stats. However, clean mother breeding allows you to stack mutations such that an infinite number can be obtained, that is until artificial stat caps and level caps were introduced. A new system (imo) should reward imprinting and consolidating parent stats above mutations, meanin
  6. I completely agree with the concept you propose here (although I may quarrel somewhat with specifics). Breeding should be about assimilating parent traits, be they stats, abilities, etc, not about stacking random boosts that require thousands of hours and then can be spam reproduced to break the game's balance. I also think that what's key here is time spent for reward granted. Time spent should be enough to discourage griefers and encourage meaningful investment but it shouldn't be so insane that it mandates thousands of hours. Reward should be enough to encourage investment but not so great
  7. Agree that at minimum mutations need a cap to keep mutated things in reason compared to basic creatures...because a hard cap of 255 in a single stat is just...bad lol.
  8. There are tame limits per tribe right? However, while I agree that spamming creatures at something is bad, I don't see it too often in the big PvP raids I've watched...instead people use overbred personal tames (and breed limited spares). My biggest issue with mutation breeding (after the enormous time commitment) is that one creature can become way stronger than the rest of the environment's creatures and put wildcard in a sticky balance situation (do they make creatures near impossible without mutations or let mutation breeders make a joke of their challenging creatures?). I'm currently pond
  9. Totally correct that breeding has evolved into what you describe. But it doesn't have to be that way in the next game, nor does it have to be the system players rely upon for massive benefits over each other and the environment. Ark 2 has no reason to cater exclusively to loyal veteran players, just as it has no reason to only cater to people who won't dedicate time to grind, and it certainly has no reason to break its own balance with the mutation system we have now. Hopefully we agree that ark 2 is the place to develop better progression systems than the mutation system we have now.
  10. I do really love breeding and imprinting your personal tames, and I like the idea that you can get something above and beyond wild tames using that process. But I agree with ya 100%...after doing the math there is just zero justification to gate a progression system like this behind such a wildly time consuming process.
  11. You may find it interesting that I calculated the hours it takes to get one egg/preg with the desired mutation based on 50 females (regardless of species) using only mating interval and got 44 hours average! I appreciate you telling me your experience, because numbers mean so little if they don't match real in-game experience. I hope you see this thread is not to disparage or wipe the hard work you and so many others put into their favorite creatures, but instead as one that looks forward and asks "Is this system really worth the time people spend on it? Are there other better ways to design b
  12. To be clear 40 mutations on a rex is still 130hrs x 40 for 40 mutations in one specific stat. That's 5200 hours to max out a rex line. I would scale it down even farther such that "max mutated" is much weaker than using other methods such as leveling and imprinting, and only confers a small advantage (akin to 1-5 mutations max, which is still 650 hours on official rates with 50 female rexes). Totally agree that the system we have now was unintentional and has received bandaids as a result of people pouring so much time into it...which means that ark 2 is the best place to see it fixed for good
  13. Agree that there are many other balance questions intertwined with this one, and I am in complete agreement (wish there was a like button for replies) with the suggestion you have. Although I would prefer wildcard focus on imprinting and leveling over mutation breeding, if they do choose to keep the system, the original 20 mutation cap has got to be the limit. I would prefer that official (and the game itself) has a much lower reliance on wildly mutated dinos over regular tames, and instead focuses on more accessible creatures (which could be improved by say consolidate breeding and imprinting
  14. I would say that bred dinos make a major difference in amounts of damage that could be soaked, the speed you get killed by a single mounted tame, etc...but really the issue is a combined issue of 1.) the time needed to breed [which is insane] and 2.) the benefit of devoting that time (or having the product stolen via raid/bought/traded) compared to other players. Ark 2 would need to hardcap the benefit as well as the time needed imo to make the system more accessible without making it unfair. 250 is too high, probably anything over the original intended cap of 20 is too high, and I honestly wo
  15. Is there a better way to get this information to the devs so it gets looked at? I thought this forum is it but maybe I'm mistaken? Seems like a really good candidate for a TLC either way.
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