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  1. WC, you need to start looking into bases that are SOO huge, they create LAGS and CRASHES around them for other players...................this is unacceotable to have a certain part of any PUBLIC map be so consumed with the huge amounts of hoarded stuff by a clan or independent players, that the entire server is now getting affected. The players that want to "own" entire sections of the map by pillaring and mega-huge bases is ruining your game for most of the other players attempting to play on your servers!
  2. Removing "tool tips" works for Xbox...........but again, its the community "fixing" a broken game, where WC doesn't even respond to any of these entries regarding the issue...............Where are the responses to these issues, WC? Do you even care that your game has ANOTHER issue with crashing? Can you at least let us know you are looking into this matter rather than having these emails just being sent out into the VOID without any response from WC?
  3. On XB series S, Crystal Isles.....i have tried to make a cryopod at a drop OR at the terminals and will get kicked out of server......now it's happened 6 time and when I finally get back in, all my items are gone if I'm using the loot drops....what gives? How r we supposed to make cryo pods if we are early game?
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