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  1. They should update the game already. As time goes on, more and more products appear with more keys and functionalities, and having a game without some keys like that not supported is just stupid in my eyes.
  2. I have a Razer Naga Hex V2, which has extra buttons on the side, and most of them are bound to keys between F13 and F24, and something that's weird is that when I am in my inventory or any other of the menus, and I click one of them, it makes me start typing in chat. Doesn't matter if I have it bound to some other keys or if they are unbound, it seems that F13 to F24 makes me type in chat no matter what. Anyone know why this is?
  3. I am getting tired of seeing "Outgoing reliable buffer overflow" when I transfer between my own cluster servers, and it is really ruining my mood when it somehow causes my items to get deleted so I have to load up a backup save. I even get it with no engrams learned at all, so that can't be the problem either. And I am bringing a few animals, sure, but it's not that many. The fact that this is an issue, and many others are experiencing it means it should have been looked into and worked on. What is the reason I constantly hear about? That the save file is too big for the server. Then mayb
  4. So, as one unlocks achievements, they unlock more skins and costumes. The issue is that if you want one of them, you have to enable default survivor items, and respawn, but then you also get every other skin unnecessarily. So what I suggest is a menus that you can use to spawn an unlocked skin/costume, or maybe to toggle which skins/costumes you get when you respawn.
  5. Thank you for any help. I think I actually got it working again, but I don't know how. I just kept changing some values around and stuff. Annoying when things like this happens, but it is what it is.
  6. Yeah, sorry I didn't mention that, but like I said, I did that. And relaunched the server. And checked the values while it was running, without it being overwritten, but it is still slow.
  7. I did. But the maturation speed is still slow. I even checked the config files while the server is up if the values changed, and they don't appear to have changed.
  8. So I have a few servers for my cluster (To avoid waiting on loading screen when switching map), and I have this weird issue. I have changed some config settings to increase the speed of all things related to breeding (Mating interval, mature speed, incubation etc.), but for some reason, it just won't work on my Island map. I copied over the settings to aberration, and brought a baby from island to aberration, and it started maturing much quicker. What is causing this? I have opened the .ini files several times to see if the values got changed, but they are still the same. Yes, I do use AS
  9. Hm. Not so sure about that really. What makes you think so?
  10. Nope. Nowhere does it say anything or hint to it being part of the Draconis family.
  11. In Scorched Earth, we got Wyvern, in Aberration we got Rock Drakes, in Extiction we got Managrmr and I assume that the Voidwyrm will be a Draconis too, so something that bothers me is that then Genesis Pt1 is the only paid DLC without a new tamable Draconis... I just doesn't feel as complete without one. I suggest adding one. For my sanity.
  12. DranDivine


    It would be GTD
  13. Okay. I think we have 2 different issues. I can see my server in Unofficial, Lan, and "My survivors", but Unofficial and "My survivors" crashes when I see my server on the list. The interesting part is if I am able to hop between servers on my cluster or if it will crash once I see them on the list in game.
  14. I only see my LAN server in the LAN browser, and there I can connect and it doesn't seem to crash it seems, but if I look at servers with my survivor (Which is only my server) or on Unofficial with my server running, it crashes my game for some weird reason.
  15. Update: I tried deleting my mods on both client and server, but it keeps crashing. But here is something weird I noticed. I can see my server and connect without issues when looking at LAN. But if I look at Unofficial or Servers with my Survivor (Which is also only my lan server) while my server is running, it crashes the game. At least I found a way to connect again.
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