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  1. Hey, i want to log only some players, because we are a friendly Server and trust each other normally, but we have thoughts about someone cheating but we don't want that chat get's spammed with the logs of every command, because admins are doing a lot with commands.
  2. You could use "HarvestHealthMultiplier" and set it to 3 or something, still will take longer but if you have no other option this will do Resources have 3x more Resources in it, means you can "e" bushes 3 times and get 3 types of berries, but, i guess AxleGTS Idea is better if you can enable it !
  3. In my opinion Extinction is one of the best DLC's and its totally worth, Crystal Isles has some Aberration content so you have this thing aswell soon
  4. I want to do Crystal Wyvern Queen, but have no clue with which dinos, i thought maybe wyverns would be good? I have 20 Poison Wyverns 30k hp 1,2k meele, is that enough for her and if yes for what difficulty? Thx for any help
  5. Wildcard, just do a Serveroption "AutoHarvestDinos=True/false" and PVP/PVE Servers can choose what they like to do and just turn it off on official, unofficial servers can decide theirselves.
  6. I know this topic might be over already, but maybe look at the imprint, already had a bug where just the imprint did reset to 0% after cryopod
  7. I would aswell recommend to play singeplayer or play on a PVE Server. If u want to play PVP, you will need a tribe, get some friends together who play ark aswell a lot or look online for free tribes and ask on your server, you will need to build your first base (preferred stone, second and Final base metal) and need to build Automated Turrets, if u don't have much time i would not recommend PVP, you will need to invest a LOT of Time to get big on PVP Servers, so , rather play PVE. If u really want pvp u still can... but first it will be very frustrating, trust me
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