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  1. COME AND JOIN OUR NEW SERVER MAXPOWER 20X MAXPOWER 20X - PVP, 8 MAN TRIBES, ORP WEEKDAYS, PURGE WEEKENDS, MODDED AND BOOSTED Will you accepted the challenge to assassinate one of The Three Kiings? Or will you find the legendary Alter of The Foster Gods and activate it? The choices you choose will mold the gameplay around you. Let's start your adventure. Maps: -Crystal Isles -The Island -Ragnarok -Extinction Let's help grow our cluster, Join us on discord at https:/discord.gg/vbYTzF4Xud. Active ADMINS, RAID LOOT BASES. INSTANT EVENTS THAT GI
  2. New cluster is here geared towards the people. 20X, ORP, 8-Man tribe, Purge Weekend. Also included is a Role playing aspect. Will you have the courage to stand against The Three Kiings? Are you adventurous and seek to activate the alters of The Foster Gods. Or will you be the Assassin who is hired to Kill a Living God. JOIN our cluster MAXPOWER and let our story unfold. Make sure to join our Discord, any suggestions will be useful to better our cluster. https://discord.gg/vbYTzF4Xud
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