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  1. i prefer the real deal than setting a cooked Dungeness crab on fire tbh
  2. i leave it vauge to let people contribute to the suggestion currently the idea so far, i have anti-status effect like resisting fire damage to player resisting sun damage (Surface Ab, Ext Wastelands, and Gen 1 Lunar) anti-radiation obviously anti-torpor/gas (from narc grenade or swamp cave gas) in the tags section it can be either: shoulder pet? rideable? tossable?
  3. If you suggest me the extinct species of said "slime mold" do let me know I really really want to help him so I can make a dossier proper in the future
  4. Common Name: Crinoid Species: Crinoid abyssocrinus Time: Early Ordovician Diet: Carnivore/Sanguivore Temperament: Skittish Instead of an Helena Dossier style to suggest this Aberration-inspired creature, i use Rockwell's Notes to describe the creature Page 1: Introduction As i secretly gather Liquid Edmundium under the clueless escorts’ noses, i noticed something moving, swimming under the glowing pool A strange creature that resembled “Feathered Plants” rested at the bottom & transformed into a mesmerizing “Flying Angel” I managed to catch one to study this creature’s adaptation to not only to survive but thrive in essentially, a living metal in liquid form I must learn their secrets. secrets that shows Edmundium’s Potential Page 2: Diet (fireproofing) Within the safety of my Alcove, away from the prying eyes of the simpletons that Diana called "Scientists" and that giant blonde buffoon that is their "Guardian" I proceed to dissect this creature, to see what makes it thrive in Liquid Edmondium where most creatures fear to thread It seems this subject just ate a Charged Lamprey recently, would that its secret? As i peek closer at the creature’s structure, it seems it is resisted burning damages, my “accidental” falling of the candle proved my theory Page 3: Location I must get more samples but how? it's not like they let me come back there until they noticed my frequent "sample extraction" that is i urge this "Towering Guardian" to escort me back to the flowing Edmondium River He is hesitant at first but he is fascinated by my Plant Species Z demonstration despite having a brain far inferior than the scientists that he guarded, i use that as an excuse to make a trip & maybe detour to the river We set out at lunch hour while they are busy and arrived at the location at the swift of the wing Page 4: Abilities (?) My escort is cautious about creatures lurking nearby but i ain't worried, i managed to get another sample using that Lamprey Corpse as a lure and as i secure the sample in the container i heard strange shots from their light guns Two towering monstrous beasts appeared from the ground tried to attack our feathered steed, Me and My Escort rush towards it until one spit strange acid at My Escort with some hit my container, setting my sample free i wanted to chase and catch the sample but my life is more important, i fled on the feathered steed, leaving the fool behind but alas, i thought i have lost my opportunity to study the creature more until My Escort survived the ambush with the sample carried him to safety, it seems he has full control of it... like a Symbiote currently i have anti-status effect like resisting fire damage to player resisting sun damage (Surface Ab, Ext Wastelands, and Gen 1 Lunar) anti-radiation obviously anti-torpor/gas (from narc grenade or swamp cave gas) Feel Free to Add your own abilities suggestion in the reply
  5. ARK Additions is gonna be console compatible, you have no more excuses to vote for any already made by Garuga Also use real photos, not this AI made trash, there is a reason the official discord don't want them here
  6. basically just like the desmo lmao i am right again, just because it's popular doesnt mean it's gonna win
  7. because English is an international language that made up almost all people (including people who speak english as a second language, like me) that is why videos in English (regardless of nationality) gets featured than those who use non-english languages aside from 2 very known spanish ARK content creators
  8. Aberration Survival Stories Hype screenshot/map made by Golden Drop BTW
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