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  1. no? i uploaded them in the ob and it puts a 24 hr timer on it where u can have it stay safe, we uploaded stuff for safe keeping then wake up to the server being down and it lasted 2 or 3 days. what do u mean cheat?
  2. I had a Manamagar and a wyv and some other tames uploaded along with empty pods and tons of items we didnt want getting raided from our main base. we literally uploaded all the important stuff cuz we thought we were going to be raided the day of the update that went on that caused all these people to have server crashes and not being able to log in and whatnot. what happens to all of my tames/items i had uploaded? and all the other people who had things uploaded. the timer lasts 24 hours and alot of people werent able to log in until atleast 40 hours after the update went live. kinda nerve rac
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