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  1. Getting exactly the same issue here, lost connection to host after exactly 30 mins on all 4 xbox clients. Ran perfectly for weeks prior to the FE4 update. And its still happening since the latest TLC update, pretty much makes the game unplayable. @StudioWildcard
  2. What versions are you running on each? I tried this morning and got kicked after 30 mins again
  3. I host a player dedicated server on my PC (gamepass) and we all join on xbox. This has been working flawlessly for a while until the FE4 update. The 802.12 update on PC hasn't helped either. Now when we join we can play for 20 mins or so then one of us will be randomly booted due to a server timeout. This repeats for a random player after a seemingly random amount of time and basically makes the game unplayable as you could be booted at any time. Making us stay near our main base so our dinos and gear isn't lost. Has anyone else had these issues since FE4 update?
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