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  1. not today, but i lost 2 months of progress on singleplayer. kicked the switch for my PC accidentally and it didn't save properly. it's ok now tho cause I have a lvl 95 (31 levels from taming) spino and a tek rex. don't really know what to go and do now lol
  2. every time I tame something I can't think of a name. comment your best names for tames (specify type if you want) basically cause I'm unimaginative
  3. So, I was playing yesterday, and i kicked the off switch for my PC by accident. Loaded ark back up and all of my stuff is gone. Kept my level, but all of my dinosaurs, base, items are gone. checked for a backup to restore but i can only find one from 2 months ago. where are the backups supposed to be? I'm playing on epic games. hope someone knows what to do. thanks to MooseX for the saving tip, but I've cut my losses and gone with the save from 2 months ago. tamed myself a lvl 95 spino and a lvl 25 tek rex. still any name suggestions for the tek rex are appreciated.
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