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  1. what is your steam name?: 76561198384471878 what timezone are you in?: Korean time dawn what is your discord #ID?: Kan#3854 how old are you?: 16 do you have experience? (don't need a lot): 1823hours how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum): 4hours what makes you a better player than other players applying for this tribe?: This is because they do not give up and try to the end. are you a Taming Person or a Farming person?: Taming Person
  2. I am Korean. I am not good at it, but I want to learn little by little and work together. I'll do my best. I have played 1800 hours and am good at combat. It also collects resources well. I will do really really hard. I don't want to be alone anymore. [ Kan#3854 ]
  3. I now want to leave alone and live a tribal life, so I will join your tribe.
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