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  1. Thank you so much, this is the method that i will use with sure
  2. It's true if i use cactus broth at rockwell arena anything will agro on me?
  3. We can use a grinder to grind specific thing such as a rifle, or a chestpiece, but the grinder can grind more than just thatch, flint
  4. I know that wearing armors in the general they will be transfered after some minutes, when we transfer at the obelisk/supply crate, but has some exception about the tek armor? It is transfered when we wear them after it got ready to transfer? Exemple if i wear a tek boot i will got to transfer it wearing it?
  5. Ok, i will get myself a rockdrake, thx
  6. Aphelios

    Ice Titan

    What the best way to kill Ice Titan?
  7. THX, i have everything to craft it on Extinction, but how my main map is the Valguero i want put it there
  8. Can i transfer the tek replicator for other ARKs?
  9. Can a level 300 reaper beat the gamma rockwell? 21k Health 400+ Damage
  10. Farming Element Dust with a doed in the lamp post at extinction, i would transfer it to Valguero and then craft the unstable element. Could I do That?
  11. So i know that i can't transfer the normal element between the ARKs but have some way to deceive this rule, i mean some way to transfer it between the ARKs even with this rule?
  12. I play on official, so i wont lose them right?
  13. I can kill rockwell, i already have all artifacts and tributes, but i want know what would happen with my drake and my stuff? How can i recover it?
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