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  1. This game is dead I ask questions no one hear to a swear and they remove floating towers after saying there ok easy to destroying
  2. So I don’t have structure decay on private server I should be good. Because I started playing 2 months ago read a post saying floating structures easy to destroy so there ok to be in game. So if ark removed them with no warning waste my time.
  3. Search ark mobile PvP all difficult all NA region type 777 search you will see server. Hello My names Max I’m 44 been playing ark since alpha off and on. I have made server I love no farming just preparing pvp and pvp!!! I’m trying get people on server that would like to pvp set times saturdays cst 1-10pm. I will give your tribe 1 admin to set up for weekend battles. And on Friday EVERYONE loses admin for weekend. Also pvp is for fun no passive kills no blowing vaults just trash talk and pvp and massive destruction. No one will be wiped and ran off our server. Also I never have and
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