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  1. My mouse is sluggish despite vertical sync being disabled. I tried editing the line “bEnableMouseSmoothing=” in “Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\Engine\Config\BaseInput.ini” and there was no effect. I could not find any others complaining about this problem after 2018 so I assume another fix was found. What is the fix?
  2. The inability to aim with a weapon in any direction while mounted is a major annoyance for me (especially because you can do so without a weapon), but there is no mod that rectifies this. I want to make my own small mod to allow 360-degree aiming for all rideable animals. I am a few hours in to tutorial videos on modding animals and none of them have come close to addressing this or hinting at where this parameter may be. If someone could just fastrack me to the relevant content files in ADK, I would be very grateful.
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