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  1. What is meg? Megalodon? They are the main predators in shallow water, so reducing their spawn rate will make shallow water life scarce. Alpha Megalodon? Reducing their spawn rate makes it harder for players to gain the Alpha Megalodon Fin. In addition, I added a lot of ideas in this post, are you sure to have a look?
  2. Increasing size means better stats which would mess up the balance of the game,and yes ,reducing spawn rates can solve this problem,but it makes creature in the shallow water scarce.So I won't add the idea of increasing the size of the Megalodon to my ideas until I come up with a substitute
  3. The problem is that Oviraptor eat the dinosaur eggs you need. I have an idea to solve this problem. It quotes from my post: Oviraptor - Can be equipped with a eggpack(like Hyaenodon Meatpack) ,if it equip it, a folder will be created in the inventory. Egg weight reduction 50% It will not eat the eggs in the eggback unless it is very hungry - It can pick up any unfertilized eggs and put them in the eggback
  4. TLC:Dodo! -Dodo will evolve into DodoRex or Dodo Wyvern after 1000 generations Well, it's just a joke
  5. My response to SapphireSam7's comments Leech: Tameing a few leeches can get leech blood directly when you need leech blood without going to dangerous swamps (especially in an emergency). Leech blood can be stored in a Preserving Bin, but it does not extend its storage time and cannot be stored in a refrigerator. Leech blood is likely to spoiled before you need it next time, so you can only go out hunting when you need it, unless you go hunting in the swamp frequently. As for why they need a slaughtering option, because i if the server is set to the friendliest possible PvE and no
  6. Sabertooth -Press C : it will sneak in order to partially hides from creatures and a front sight appears in the center of the screen -Press rmb : run short distance to target in the direction of the front sight and pounce on target .This causes target greater damage,unable to run or jump and slow down the attack speed -Improve gathering levels by spending skill points.(Raw Prime Meat,Hide,Keratin,Pelt,Leech Blood) -Increase base weight capacity Megalodon - Press rmb: Bit and tear target.This causes bleeding and reduces the target's movement speed
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