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  1. It is possible to make greenhouses on platforms in the trees because I am trying but the earth box never leaves 0% in the greenhouse effect, no matter how hermetic and all glass I make, the floor, roof, walls and door and I didn’t put any windows more closed than that impossible My platform is wooden
  2. I started playing Solo Mode, is there any Ark story mode? I have Island, Ragnarok, Valguero, Center and Crystal
  3. Yes, I already killed many, the problem is that there are not many dinos coming back and my map is getting a little deserted
  4. Can bone dinosaurs from Fear evolved 4 be found in the Solo game on the Island map and only appear at night or do they appear during the day too? because I've already rotated my map and I can't find any bone dinosaurs.
  5. New to the game means that this is the first time I’ve played, I’m at level 105 but I don’t have friends playing Ark, so it’s all very new to me, I’ve learned a lot from mistakes and hitting and discovering with my mistakes, because I don’t like it to look at the game on the internet or videos before and lose the surprise of the game, what animals I will find, how to kill and better weapons, these things and I don't like to make my life in the game much easier, but tame a level 1 T-Rex to 10 there is also wanting to spend the rest of my life leveling up a Dino, catching some with levels a litt
  6. Thanks some posts ago you mentioned adding lines to the .ini file what is it for?
  7. Will this make the game very difficult? I'm kind of new to the game
  8. Won't this reset my Dinos I already tame? I don't want to lose my current dinos
  9. Won't this reset my Dinos I already tame?
  10. The dinos that are appearing are coming with values from 1 to 30 at the most, how can we increase these values a bit for dinos that will appear again?
  11. Won't this reset my Dinos I already tame?
  12. I play solo player on The Island because my map is getting deserted with no spawning dino?
  13. Because my keyboard whistle commands are no longer changing the attack commands of my dinos, I make the whistle sounds but nothing changes, they remain passive instead of changing to attack my target?
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