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  1. Hi, I know this is an old post but I made a suggestion just like this one and you sent link to this one. I agree that they should add this would save hours every week from harvesting crops one by one. It doesn't have to be a sickle maybe it can be a dino like iguanodon and if you press c it collects crops from crop plots in an area or something to make it a lot faster. Maybe even a tek gardener or something like that. Its just a huge effort to collect crops and you could spend that time doing something else in ark. Maybe if we get enough votes the devs see it sooner. ? Definitely want this to
  2. yeah that would work to. Anything to make it easier like running down a row of crop pots and harvesting them. Its tedious having to open the inventory of each crop plot and take out the crops one by one. Especially when you have over 400 crop plots having to harvest each day.
  3. Add hotkey to take crops from crop plots quickly without opening inventory. Adding a simple hotkey to take out crops from crop plots without having to open inventory would be a lot faster when you have over 400 crop plots to take out crops from. It takes so long to empty hundreds of crop plots and by adding a simple hotkey to take out the crops and not fertilizer would be a lot faster. This has suggested before like swinging at crop plot with sickle to get the crops which is good idea but it can still be a lot simpler. These small things make the game a lot more faster paced rather than s
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