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  1. I see. Thanks for the responses :)
  2. I noticed on the changelog section of the Pegomastax page on the wiki says that wild creatures will target tamed pegos. But why not wild pegos? It makes no sense for wild dinosaurs to come and kill your tamed creature that they wouldn't hunt in the wild too. If a raptor walks past a wild pego, it wouldn't do anything about it. But apparently they'll come for a tamed one? Why will a wild Megalodon chill with a wild Plesiosaurus, but not with a tamed Plesiosaurus? Why don't compies hunt other creatures when in groups? (or just follow a creature if there's only one) Why don't pegos
  3. Its just that they poop every single time. Unless they're incapable of producing feces of course. I just don't see the purpose of it.
  4. Ah, interesting. Perfect for jumpscaring me while thinking they spawn in ONLY caves at the most. That's gonna take some getting used to XD Thanks for the answer.
  5. So, I was searching for more places to build on Single Player. Then I came across a Megalosaurus outside of a cave during the day at around these coords: 21.1, 27.6 Barnji Plateau I've heard people seeing Megalosaurus spawn near the beaches of Viking Bay, but I have not seen one there AT ALL. I've searched around for nearby caves assuming it just missed the spawn location, but only to find a small tunnel, and the lava golem chamber. So main question is, are they are normal spawn above caves in the Barnji Plateau, or is this just a bug?
  6. Thanks bud, I was thinking about taming frogs anyway. I guess what I'll have to do is just spawn in a bunch of leeches/lamprey on me and let them sit for a while until I just feel comfortable. However when they die they make this strange gurgling sound, don't think I will get used to that anytime soon lol. Thanks again, have a great day.
  7. Alright quick off-topic first: So I have a mild/big phobia of leeches and especially lamprey. I just do not think they are pleasing, cool, or any good quality. So I would love to find out if there is a way to remove them from the game. On-topic now, is there a game.ini for Xbox/Ps4? That's all the information I need. I just want to remove leeches and lamprey from my game so I can peacefully explore any map peacefully. The Crystal Isles has a duo of both creatures, and I despise this so much. The more leeches that come to me, the more paralyzed I become. I've kind of grown accus
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