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  1. Please just get rid of loadout mannequins, they are too buggy and exploitable
  2. Seems like it broke all the dlc on epic, cool.
  3. Please do something about the masses of Karkinos clones sitting out on gen2 servers. Nobody can tame or breed anything during these events. These people just start the cloners back up and leave them sitting there until nobody else can tame/breed. We need enforcement action.
  4. Wonder how ark 2 is going to do after all of us have completely given up on wildcard...
  5. How about the hundreds or maybe more players that are stuck in Crystal Isles after the last update. Since the last update tons of people have been getting instantly timed out under floating isles, unable to log back in unless they somehow get lucky and die after disconnecting, but then have to avoid the area to keep from getting disconnected again. With my tames probably dying, bases probably decaying on multiple servers, hundreds of hours of work, because I am unable to login and do anything including transfer off to the other servers I play, I am really disappointed at how this seems to be a problem still after three days.
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