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  1. We are playing on a public PVE server and we are getting kicked out a lot lately. The ping is usually around 155. Some times we just get kicked out other times the land scape will all turn to water and with in about 5 - 10 min of that we get kicked out. Anyone having this issue?
  2. Well, I see that in the higher recipes but I thought the basic did not require it? If so what is a crop that would work that might be easier to get?
  3. Need help making kibble We have been playing for about 4 weeks now and creating kibble is just not working. We have verified the recipe, created and recreated cook pots, moved them to different locations had different members of the tribe try all the steps and the ingredients just sit there and fade away or spoil. We are on v600.0, does this work on the switch? any help, thanks here is what we tried: 1 dodo egg 1 cooked meat 10 amarberryberries 5 mejoberries 10 tintoberries 5 fiber 1 waterskin, full 100 thatch for fuel.
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