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  1. I tried to switch back and forth the time (day, night, whatever ....) but the Surface was always on fire, and the settimeofday command also skips a day (e.g. from day 129 00:20 to day 131 00:01). no matter the time, Surface is always on fire
  2. makes sense in a future-realistic scenario ... My issue on the other hand is a Scorched Earth specific "mechanic" which makes no sense because FROZEN water in a CLOSED CONTAINER inside a FREEZING COLD REFRIGERATOR does not vaporize ... this is another poorly designed artificial "difficulty" which makes no fun and is just stupid ... it's even more stupid if you think about how many water sources (water veins, water jug bugs, cactus sap) are around this map ... so not even that it makes no sense, it is a completly useless difficulty factor ... but according to your logic
  3. Are you serious WC? This is beyond science. Such level of **** shouldn't even be allowed ...
  4. Thank you for the tool! I tried to recover a single item from an old savegame (Cryopod with my LvL 278 Reaper King) but without luck ... either the ark save file structure is a complete mess or the converted JSON is ... I tried to simply replace one Item in my current inventory with the Item from the old save file (by using the same ID but with the copy-pasted item data aka cryopod with Reaper King) but I only end up with the Item Slot (where I expect the Cryopod instead of the overwritten item) being empty and unusable (as if the Item Slot is "locked" but it does look like any other
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