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  1. The dermis of the Lava Elemental on Ragnarok breaks on Server Restart/SP Restart. The dermis is displayed properly on the Taxidermy Bases after getting it from the defeated Lava Elemental. After restarting the server/game the dermis is shown as "blank" (without the Lava Elemental Icon) and is no longer displaying the Lava Elemental on the Taxidermy Bases. The dermis is blank but it is still named "Lava Elemental LvL 10" ...
  2. I tried to switch back and forth the time (day, night, whatever ....) but the Surface was always on fire, and the settimeofday command also skips a day (e.g. from day 129 00:20 to day 131 00:01). no matter the time, Surface is always on fire
  3. but they do not "leak" water (yes they do in my inventory) but the broken onse are INSTANTLY empty (jum instantly from 200/200 to 0/200) ... this game is a single mess ...
  4. On Scorched Earth, I have 9 Water Jars and if I fill them with water in my Water Well, take them and put them into my Cooking Pot next to the Well and try to cook a recipe, 5 out of 9 Water Jars are instantly empty. Also if I drop them and take them there are 2 different types becaus it says "Removed 5x Water Jar" AND "Removed 4x Water Jar" at the same time meaning those 9 water jars are not of the same type (programatically speaking) ... The ones are crafted, the other ones are from supply drops, no cheats or mods involved ... What the hell is goind on?
  5. makes sense in a future-realistic scenario ... My issue on the other hand is a Scorched Earth specific "mechanic" which makes no sense because FROZEN water in a CLOSED CONTAINER inside a FREEZING COLD REFRIGERATOR does not vaporize ... this is another poorly designed artificial "difficulty" which makes no fun and is just stupid ... it's even more stupid if you think about how many water sources (water veins, water jug bugs, cactus sap) are around this map ... so not even that it makes no sense, it is a completly useless difficulty factor ... but according to your logic
  6. Are you serious WC? This is beyond science. Such level of **** shouldn't even be allowed ...
  7. no ... YOU should to re-read my comment LMAO
  8. I had all on follow and went into the circle and I THINK all dinos were inside Now that you ask ... But the teleport wall appeared seconds after the defeat message that now I am not 100% sure that all dinos were really inside ... there was no countdown or anything else which indicated the teleportation starting time ... I wonder if the teleportation also starts if nothing is inside the circle LOL
  9. I have to admit the arena design and cinematic is top notch but ... 90% cinematic/arena design and 10% boss fight
  10. Alpha, after I overprepared for the other 3 Alpha Bosses I just went straight to the Alpha Overseer
  11. the fight was easy and I defeated him easily but it was boring and just took long, also no loot and 4 tames did NOT teleported back and are lost forever
  12. so how do you think will Singleplayers will ever beat the Bosses when they deal 3x damage and take 0.3x damage and they are only ONE player? Sounds like MP-exclusive game content which requires multiple palyers otherwise ... but how would this improve the boring fight against the Overseer? sounds like the fight would just take even longer ... PS: the Overseer took 1.0 damage (~600 dmg like any other wild dino) and NOT 3.0 damage (~1700 dmg) like all other Bosses so I guess the Overseer is an exception
  13. I could also claim that defeating Bosses in Multiplayer is MUCH EASIER because you have other tribemates with game-changing advantages of multiple players commanding your army or shooting at the Boss with max damage guns ... so again ... what's your point? Sounds like you never really played Singleplayer and DO IT ALL YOURSELF ...
  14. the 3 Bosses (Ape, Spider + Dragon) tookl 3x damage (so they only have 33% effective HP, not as you claimed 75% "easier" because they do official damage) but the Overseer took only 1x damage so the Overseer was "official" (100% damage, 100% effective HP) in all ways ... my Theri army never went under 90% HP (not even against the Alpha Dragon thanks to Veggie Cakes) so I assume even without the damage buff against the 3 Bosses i would have easily beaten them. What's your point?
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