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  1. Been about 5 days with 4 videos of flat out demonstration of griefing and not even a reply to the ticket.
  2. Im sure nothing will happen to either of these guys, but if i put one pillar ladder on the edge of my base to keep ppl from building right on top of me some brilliant GM will com run a pathetically built script that will delete all structures with 2 units including any gateset ect. then then threatened with ban for putting in a ticket about it. And zero recourse for GM abuse.
  3. This is PVE not PVP the environment is not killing ur stuff players are. if you want a nice open platform design you should be able to without repercussions of a griefing player, and IF a player finds a glitch to use like this one has WC should come down hard on them for abusing other players.
  4. It is not fixed it was never on the landing so i dont know what they are "fixing" the issue is that they will not ban these players regardless of video of griefing, and many many ss of griefing by a number of players.
  5. Player has been killing a lot of dinos on official 593 by blowing them off water platforms with gas bag and drowning them. multiple users have reported with ss.
  6. Is this the new official view on griefing? A player has been gasbaggin a lot of ppls dinos on multiple servers, with multiple screenshots of his actions. this was the reply to a users ticket and i want to know if this is the current official view and does coc maybe need to be updated now to reflect this. This is PVE official.
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