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  1. try turning on the range... maybe youre too far out? or the wrong food i have 3 troughs throughout my base.
  2. Ram for servers Install new/more ram
  3. are they on mate? i know simple but things have been funny with them changing behaviors
  4. This ended up being a setting in steam account. Had my ping search set wrong to locate servers hope this helps someone one day
  5. i tried to search extinction504 on the terminal ark data server tranfer and it still said no sessions found
  6. Cant Log to Specific Server Okay so when i try and go to a specific server with my character, i cant located the wanted server in the server list. I Have the server saved in favorites on steam server list.... steam>view>servers>ect I also validated my Ark Files last night I was able to log on to the server once last night after the validation, we then had a problem locating my home server at the terminal after i was able to access the specific extinction server I can log on to the specific server from the main server selection when you first open ark. I can
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