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  1. And if our official server has too many dinos what do we do? We can not tame or breed, put cryos, increase the limit or do something, we cannot enjoy the event like this...
  2. This is all we get? Well, thanks for nothing I guess.
  3. But we will still be able to do local hosted dedicated servers without needing to pay for a Nitrado service, right?
  4. Looks like them make the structures taller, like square instead of rectangular.
  5. Thanks for the evo event! Is necessary when you need to hatch and kill over 25K level 500 baby giganotos to reach max level on official servers.
  6. Fear Evolved extension until Extralife pls I have a ton of lvl 500 XP gigas to breed.
  7. LDL servers idea is great, but put also PVE servers, at least 1 of each, not everyone likes PVP.
  8. I hope the summer bash chibi crafting for prime meat jerky is enabled. We have been crafting since the starting of this year 15 refrigerators full of prime meat jerky for this event.
  9. This is going to be epic, but... I will need a new PC for this game 🤣
  10. I wasn't expecting Community Crunch today, but is a good one, with all the things we like 👏👏👏👏
  11. Just 2x breeding would be better evo event than this one, I hope for Halloween you give us a full month of 4x or 5x breeding rates to compensate all this weeks at 1x...
  12. I would love if the dedicated tek storages had an option to withdraw the amount you want, like and option when holding E that shows a prompt in the middle of the screen (like when you claim a baby) and you put the amount of items you want and withdraw that amount. Maybe you can delete the inventory, so that it only has the options while holding E and you manage all from there.
  13. You know when is it gonna be fixed? We have a huge base there.
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