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  1. Steamname: Kandonius Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time Discordname: Pure#0523 How Old: 23 Experience: 4,700+ Active: Depends what we need to do. I've stayed up 3 days straight before and since I am on unemployment... Sky is the limit honestly.
  2. Introduction Ark Experience: -4,700 Hours -2,000 from Official/Small Tribes and the rest modded servers. I can Tame/Farm/Breed/Raid/Build. (I can do pretty much everything because I was solo most hours.) -Most of my map experience is on Valguero, Ragnarok, Extinction, and Genesis. Strong communicator especially when raiding since it is crucial and the reason I am wanting to join a tribe is because I am tired of living an unhealthy life by solo'ing on Official and Small Tribes. I get tired of playing 3 days straight and coming back on to have my base(s
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