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  1. can we make it so single players can transfer arks without having to do a convoluted upload go to main menu and die thing please
  2. as the end of ark 1 has arrived with genesis part 2 can this finally be added? it would be epic and what not sure but the end cinematic and new tekgrams (tek binoculars and tek wyvern saddle) are all i particularly want no new boss just the cinematic and tekgrams
  3. can the devs add fabricator/chem bench functionallity to the tek saddles? i play a nomadic style and not having a mobile fabricator/chem bench is kinda a bummer. since tek saddles are mechanical i feel they are the best candidates for this unless we use a later game tek dino tame but that is a bit op as some people can tame them sooner than others. alternitively the astrodelphis and astrocetus saddles could be used instead.
  4. i figured as much but i thought maybe a later game dino like a quetz and requires the saddle or hek even a tek saddle to use it for that. idk im just spouting about it cause there are dinos that work as smithys and forges and other structures but nothing that works as a fabricator or chem bench. i should probably reword the question to be a tek saddle instead as those are late game anyway either that or specifically a tek quetz for its lategame saddle aquisition
  5. does any one know if the astrocetus can warp a desert titan im unable to find a definitive answer any where
  6. so there are dinos with saddles that act as primitive means of crafting like the equus beaver and tropeo acting as a mortar and pesle smithy and grinder respectively but what about adding more industrial use to tek creatures? like a tek rex being able to function as a fabricator or a chem bench and the tek trike could function as the one not chosen for the other
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