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  1. Thank you for your fast answer, but sadly I dont have Baby Gigas and no it can be any Map.
  2. Heavy Turret Hey, I'm near to Level 100 and so I'm near to make heavy Turrets. So I would like to know, if you guys know, is there any good Spot on a Map, where I can farm easily much heavy Turrets? (I'm Solo on Official and Level 95)
  3. XP Farming Hey, I'm running to get Level 100 in my Character, but I Tool all The 4x XP Notes in begin of my Game. I ran The Swamp Cave 3x and I would Like to know is there a faster way, to Level up, then the lava cave? (I'm Solo and Level 95)
  4. OP Manas Hey, I returned to Ark after 3.5 Years and now I Play Solo PvP on Official and there are on all Servers Guys with OP Manas (400+). So I would Like to know, how I can get OP Manas fast and how Long does It take to create a good breeding Line ?
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