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  1. Hi, I have same problem can't find ovis. Found only one in mountains (see map pic), and now can't find a second one anywhere, went at every spawning spots, even spent time on the black sand beaches killing creatures to make spawning ovis, but nothing
  2. Hi everyone I wanted to tell you thanks for all the msg and the helps and informations, and I think I found solution to my problem: -I randomly found a seed X and I planted it on the middle of my river and now all wild creatures are dying around, and so I don't see any Ichthyornis anymore (FINALLY), so imma disable the alarm mode for parasaurs so they can stop eating a lot -Farming a lot with bronto helped me to put tons of berries in the 5 feeding troughs so for now it should be okay Well actually they were warning me about wild dilos and ichthyornis in the zone but they were scarring only the ichtyosaurs and pegomastax. For now I think I found solution with the X plant but if smth I'll msg here again, ty :3
  3. Omg I understand now ty, yeah I've put all my parasaurs on alarm mode to scare wild dinos and especially ichthyornis because they steal food from my dino inventories and yeah one of them almost died from hunger again So I need to install another feeding trough next to them?
  4. Oh and forgot to say: I spend a lot of time with my argentavis and he eats at the same frequency as before adding the code to list
  5. Hi I couldn't reply anymore yesterday cuz forum muted oof sry, and how do I know which [header] is the right one? I've put the thingie at the end and I don't have the feeling anything happened, and now I crafted 2 more feeding troughs and got bronto saddle, farmed berries, I've put the 3 feeding troughs full of berries and a bit of meat, it looks fine but meh Nvm about the unicorn all is fine now it eats and has its hp full Yeah I have tons of spoiled meat so I go put more and more edible ones
  6. I opened file and there is no TamedDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier should I add it at the end?
  7. Idk what's ini file But I was able to use the ghost cheat and cancel it with walk, does that mean I already have access to it?
  8. I found this: TamedDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.1 I'll try this and play a bit I'll give u my feedback after
  9. Wait https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration is for public/online servers no?
  10. Wait I just connected and my unicorn is now recovering health, and she's eating I'm so glad Will I keep it forever? A friend told me unicorns die after getting tamed
  11. Ty I will look and try and if smth I'll msg here I'm on solo And I just go farm with my paraceratherium and I put all the berries from his inventory to the feeding trough + I go farm again and give the berries to each herbivore dino and with the meat I put 4 stacks in the trough + giving 1 stack to each carnivore and 1 stack of fish to the dolphin, surprisingly the ichty doesn't eat much the fish but don't starve No I don't force them to eat except the unicorn she was low health but full food bar but she was refusing to recover the health, a friend told me unicorns don't eat but I don't understand why it was telling me it has empty stomach but in inventory the food bar was full? Yeah I saw ppl saying just letting 1 stack of berries the dinos will live for a week but no one standing parasaur died Yeah the starving icon was on top next to its stats, and I play on The Island Idk it was pretty much looking like starving, stomach with red and there was purple around my screen
  12. Yes I feed them with correct food I even take time to put things in the feeding trough + giving them food to each of them to make sure they have enough but everytime I come back after going for metal for example, half of the feeding trough is empty and I found one of my parasaurs again with not much food while I was giving them the 4 good berries (100 of each) Yes I'm single player and yeah the tameddinodrainfood but I used the cheat and it didn't work at all Yeah ik about the black and white berries but the problem about the unicorn is that I was forcing it to eat and it's food bar was already full, but when mounting it there was an icon of empty stomach Where can I find this setting of tamed dino food consumption? The only setting I've found talking about food consumption was about titanosaurus
  13. I don't have much of them I just build a lot of things and try to farm a lot ressources, and the time I'll get cryopod idk how long it'll take they'll die lol I still can't find a single solution to my problem because there is nothing on forums and ppl don't help
  14. Yes but they eat all so fast
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