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  1. Applicatioin HI! My steam name is troopertripod. I live in ct, but i typically play really late at night. My discord is d.#0414 . I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm 15. I have about 2k hours in Ark and I have lots of experience in small tribes. Most my time in Ark has been spent breeding and doing PVP. I typically play 5-10 hours a day. What makes me better than others is the fact that I'm extremely reliable and can play whenever I'm needed. I am happy with any job and I'm extremely active and have good game sense. I'm more of a breeder than either of the two choices but if i had to choo
  2. Introduction Hi! I'm an extremely active ark player from the U.S. I play anywhere from 4-10 hours a day. During my 2, almost 3 years playing ark I've achieved close to 2k hours on Ark. I have all maps with the exception of aberration and genesis. My strong areas are breeding and raids/base defense. Although I live in ct, I tend to play from about 8pm-4am ct. Feel free to dm me on discord at d.#0414
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