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  1. I see other server in unofficial in used the same program (ARK Server Manager) but thier player can join and play but for me . . . have tried every way to fix it (change port , change router , forward new port , chang ip , reinstall program , reset world , create new world , turn off firewall and many way but what ? nothing has worked) I very tired right now to fix this. I have tried for 5 day right now and update everything but the result like that it is very bad problem
  2. -crossplay EPIC can't join and only Steam can join I've already open -crossplay in my server. But before update 311.99 EPIC and Steam can play together but now when I got update EPIC can't join my server and only steam can join while -crossplay is working (On EPIC) Join failed Connection timeout In spite of before that update epic and steam can play together before
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