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  1. Not necessarily Antidotes stop bleed damage from gigas, allos and what not, with out them theres no way to prevent losing valuable health during Master Controller
  2. Does podding and unpodding them gets rid of it? With swamp fever the dino or yourself needs to be transferred off the server to get rid of it
  3. I could not agree more with you. They did this with 1 purpose not thinking about what else it could and did effect.
  4. Ark PvE - PC - Trading Discord! So I have noticed that not a lot of PvE discord servers are out there, not any that are ONLY dedicated to PvE. So therefor why not make one for all the people who want to be able to trade their beloved tames and their materials. The server is brand new but hopefully with more people we can bring we can bring more trading and more fun to the PvE community! https://discord.gg/EkSbxt7
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