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  1. Do you have servers that allow crossplay between PC (W10 version) and Xbox?
  2. Do you offer cross platform servers for ark? I want to play with one other person who is on Xbox and I'm on PC. Thanks.
  3. This keep happening to my son who plays on an XBox1 every 10-20 mins. He loses all progress when playing solo. If he's on a non-dedicated with me, still crashes but no lost progress. Game isn't crashing for me PC Win10 version). Naturally, we won't hear back from the developers.
  4. I'm still having this problem, I guess they're not going to fix it considering I've seen the problem a lot and no one's posted a solution.
  5. Thanks, I'll try to have some more patience, I appreciate yours.
  6. If I actually thought I could figure that out (remember, basic gamer here!), and had the time, I'd try. Yeah, I know, that's MY problem, but every "solution" I hear about is not "average gamer" friendly at all. I tried the whole port forwarding methods, and anything else I've seen suggested and none of it has worked... my last step (just so I can play some SP as I do like the idea of the game) is to do a total reinstall after moving the save games somewhere else, and trying one more time, otherwise, I'm out and my son will just have to enjoy his Xbox version without me
  7. Yes, the amount paid (or not) at this moment doesn't matter really. It's about future loss in sales and reputation. I'm just a normal guy, by no means a power gamer. I just look to kill a few hours here and there when I can so I find a few things I enjoy and stick with them. When those games are fun stable and/or well-supported, they always get my support. Always. I rarely visit forums, even less frequently b1tch and complain, but this game has lost me several hours just trying to get it running. So. no, I'm not some choad just trying to get free sh1t,.. b ut I get how my thought can come
  8. Suggestion on how to please your customer base Since I, and SO many others as can be seen from the forums, how about you guys just provide us with a steam code for the game, and then, when you finally get your stuff together, we come back. You know, since I got the game, it: A. cannot work with any non-=dedicated servers (I just wanna play with my damn son in the other room!) B. NOW, it crashes whilst loading, and when I try to verify the game, it crashes my whole damn PC, and I cannot simply reinstall because I'll lose all my SP data (since I can't play with my son!) So yeah, do
  9. Thanks guys for all the help. Guess my hopes of playing with my son while he's on an Xbox and me on a PC will just have to wait. Sad, but luckily I got mine for free and his came free with gamepass ultimate, so no loss, but sadly the company has to see there is ZERO chance I'll recommend it or buy any further products until it's fixed. Thanks everyone. I'll see if I can set up a non-dedicated on one pc and he logs on with our other epic games account (which I got ARK fro free with also) and see if we can from there. Cheers!
  10. Running own server on another PC for XBOX friend Hi folks, My son (xbox) and I (free epic games version) have been trying to connect for a few days now using non-dedcated servers. And like many (especially those with Epic version) we simply cannot connect. We have like 5 pc/laptops in the house so I have a question. If I set up a server with my Epic account on one PC and then my son logs on to his Xbox and I on another PC (with same epic account) can we connect that way? Or am I still going to have all those problems Epic users are having connecting? I thought maybe settin
  11. I forgot to say to my above comment that the options in this "security" section include: Firewall, MAC filtering, IP and port filtering, Port forwarding (the section I entered!), Port Triggering, and DMZ. EDIT: Also, forgot to say that obviously I'm on PC, but would this work for someone on an XBOX to connect with ME? Should they or I try to host? Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much for all the effort you've made to help us with this post first of all! Second, I'm at the port forwarding section, and my router is a bit different from your description. I'll list the settings if you're able to help as I'm not sure how to proceed with where to put the ports you listed above (The UDP and TPC ones) into this setup. In order from top to bottom: Local ip.. it has should I change this as my person device ip is just a bit different? Local start port - 0 Local end port - 0 External start port - 0 External end port - 0 Protocol (I cho
  13. Not true.. I thought. I was sure that there is crossplay between, at least, Xbox and the Microsoft store version of ARK.
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