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  1. You all make fair points lol i should have took a photo more often ive only been playing for 6 months lol had no idea ark was such sheet that they refuse to help people the way they do. And RIGHT!!!!! Levels are so easy to get like sheeeeeet stop offering people something they can get in a day amd offer something worth while give people who lose their character something worthwile for the headache ark just put them threw would be ten times better oh im sorry we lost all your stuff heres something that will make you forget about your misfortune. Just pathetic how ark and wild card treats its pl
  2. I was on 141 an official and its actually crazy easy just have a lystro and a grinder lvl 100 in 24 hours on an offical is easy beyond belief if you dont think it is then I feel you dont know how to grind a chartacter properly. Maybe ark should stop puting updates to make their game pretty and put updates so people can actually play with out losing all their effort. Because of ark i dont have a character that can make everything or do anything anymore and tthats uncalled for. They offered me levels okay what abiut my structures what about my engrams ive spens countless days playing this game
  3. Pathetic customer service Gotta love when ark boots your character from a server then throws it into the void causing you to lose high level tames and they only offer to do the bare minimum giving levels back, guess what ark i can get to level 100 in a day levels are the easiest thing to gain in the game what i want is the tames yiur horrible network lost and i want my character back with all my engrams and my stuff i was carrying. Not a new character with the levels back and thats all wont even give my engrams or my tames what actually cost time and effort in the game. Levels are useless w
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