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  1. I thought the same thing until I read the article posted by Vittelkiller up above showing the mod support in development on the epic launcher. It doesn't look great. I don't think it'll come close to the steam workshop, but its a start I guess. If your wanting to play modded I would recommend pulling out the wallet and purchasing it on Steam rather than the Free Epic Games launcher. Once the Mod itch comes, you can't look back. So many mods fix quality of life issues not addressed by the Wildcard Dev team.
  2. Thank you for finding this. I had a hard time locating this on Epic's forums
  3. Mod support for Epic Games version of Ark I'm curious as to why the Mod kit was added to the Epic Games DLC list for Ark after stating that mods will not be supported at launch. Can a person who got the Modkit from epic games even play with their own mods? Also has anyone found anywhere we can find news about when, or if, Epic games will even update their game launcher to support mods? The statement made by wild card gave me the impression that mods will only come to epic games version if the platform is updated to support it. Too me this sounds like a huge undertaking Epic would
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