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  1. Good blueprints for brutal and sniper blueprint? I'm playing brutal and so far I got an acendant chest peice 1030 armour is that a good armour value for brutal and secondly where can I get the fabricated sniper rifle blueprint let's be honest it's a fun gun but the durability is crap also want a rocket launcher blueprint but with better durability
  2. Having 2 single player world's at a single time Is they're anyway I can have 2 single player world's I don't wanna lose my tekbase on one and I want to go fresh on another
  3. Changing difficulty level on an existing world I have a world on casual and easy where I've got a tekbase and Max level tames I want a bit more of a challenge and better weapons so is they're anyway I can change it
  4. Use for a liuplouredon I found a liopluerodon and I then found out we don't have loot drops like other platforms. So I chronicled it. Later I remembered theres one in the swamp cave so I went they're with the feeling lucky bonus but I got a stone pick. I then heard that it gives you better loot when you tribute, is this true
  5. Do I get worse loot from artifacts on a easy and casual Question my bet compound is 320 my best flak armour 330 and my best Tek armour 124 and my best Tek rifle 80 and my best long neck 520 my best pump 92 my best ar 82 do I get worse loot on casual and easy compared to other difficulties
  6. Help making a straight platform I can't make a straight paltform on my titan saddle in mobile anyone got any ideas
  7. Help with forcetame I found a titanasaur in my single player ark mobile world and spent 40 rockets launchers and a bunch of cannons tryna knock out and I didn't manage and he killed my quetz too eventually I got fed up and killed him with God console. I found another by green obeliak with amazing colours I was wondering if I could force tame it somehow I have god console btw. F in the chat for Recon the 156 quetz
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