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  1. So its impossible to revert them with a command or something to alpha stats? @Wildcard please fix this! There are so many bugs around, stop focusing on new content and please fix your old stuff. (Just some bugs: Hitboxes when grabbing with fliers, hitting targets with darts/arrows, but not dealing damage, After Ice Titan kill you're still stuck and cannot move Titans revert to wild stats after restart Cannot kill babies on pve mod (not even an option to enable) Ini doesnt load properly (need to set 5 Min delay between servers that all ini se
  2. Hello everybody, i tamed all three titans on a dedicated linux server cluster. After server reboot all three titans had way less max hp. Desert Titan dropped max hp from 350k to 250k, Forest titan from 700k to 400k and Ice titan from 550k to 350k hp. That would indicate we had three alpha titans and now they're just gamma titans. We uploaded them from extinction to valguero, where they still had the max hp and at least the desert titan had the name Alpha Desert Titan. Just after the daily restart it was set down to the previously mentioned numbers and now th
  3. Problem with that is, that im running my server on a friends root and he needs linux for it. It should be that hard to release everything at the same time. They know how to do it.
  4. You released the for clusters very important .31 Update more than half a day ago. When will it be ready to download on linux dedicated servers? Clusters are nearly unusable atm. What's so hard to release it on all platforms at once? And when will the endless loading of structures stop? You're building a decent base and have to wait 2 minutes to fully load it when you're 200 meters away. Is it not possible to keep it loaded. The hitboxes are there, just not the visuals. Could be greatly improved. Sincerely. A Player.
  5. True for Aberration, its a great map if you wanna hang out in a cave. But why would you put Basilisks on a new map but not the equipment to tame them? I tried it with fertilized Wyvern Eggs from the Heir variant but the Basilisk didn't care a bit for the egg. I know they're kinda buggy to eat them but I killed every other creature around it and jumped 10 Minutes around him only to see him burry himself when I was out of his agro range and the egg was about 5 meters next to him. So they definitely don't eat those. But the same goes for Plant Z (posted in another one). They don't work
  6. Plant Z not Working Plant Z not Healing Dinos nor giving Plant Z Seeds. Please cut the crap with Epic, separating PC Gamers, because you can't play on the same server when only one mod is installed and focus on doing your stuff right and fix your game. Like hitboxes when you grab your buddy with an argi and every other flying Dino.
  7. And what about people who play single player or don't have Aberration or Genesis on their cluster?
  8. How to tame Basilisks on CI? Hello there, as mentioned in the title, how are you supposed to tame Basilisks without any Rock Drake eggs nor Magmasaur eggs? The Rock Drake area looks really sad as well, not a single dino where the nests were. Please put them back, so we can have these amazing Rock Drakes and tame awesome Basilisks. Best Regards eVo
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