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  1. Has Prim+ ever really worked? Does Prim+ even have all the Ab engrams fixed yet? Lol
  2. But apparently you do need your opinoin to be heard... Because why? Because it's so important? Because it will change the general player base view on ARK? Or will it just sate your ego to know that others agree with you? Who cares lol. I Didn't buy genesis because it looks stupid. It sounds like you have hang ups on the expansion. Perhaps tribemates, friends, or maybe an inner desire to actually play the DLC but you can't for financial reasons? If you are so content not playing genesis, why do you need validation for that decision?
  3. 10K hour and that is the best you have??? 14k here. Manas are indeed OP. They have gone through countless nerfs but are still OP. There have been thousands of posts about Manas since their release. They, and extinction, broke the game in many ways. I'm amazing you can't see that with your 10k hours.
  4. you cry in almost every post i see u
  5. I just went back for like a few seconds... Jesus christ honestly. I would love to know what you guys were on when you passed this HAHAHAHAH
  6. Title says it all. Looks like an enlarged font made for 90 year olds. Make it a UI option to scale. It is so incredibly hideous to say the least.
  7. They both have completely different roles. Meks can destroy enemy structures, shoot ranged, pop a bubble shield and fly. A reaper can do big damage, it can soak heavies/tek(kind of), jump, has natural 100%armor saddle built in and it can be buried. If you were solo and had to choose one mount, a Reaper is your best bet 100%. You could use a reaper to snowball much better than a Mek.
  8. In the past weeks I've seen a lot of new non-english speaking players join the game. I am super stoked on this! I am assuming it has to do with ARKADIA? Anyways! Thanks for all the over-confident bobs giving me loot all week!!!! :DDDDD
  9. The title says it all. Just as with the wandering being disabled from babies, I think the "Ally Looking" should be default disabled. There are far more times you will disable ally looking than enable it. Making it far more logical to have the disabled be default.
  10. At the end of the day, they are a gaming company who produces games. You are a consumer. You have the choice to buy or not. You also have the choice to share your opinion. But it's not like that matters to anyone but yourself.
  11. Dinos and Radiation I'm sure this is known, but there are many wild dinos that can be found in the radiation zone. Once tamed, they become vulnerable to radiation and begin taking damage within a few seconds. I believe certain aberrant versions of dinos should not take radiation. The dinos I believe should have radiation immunity are as follows: Aberrant Dung Beetle Aberrant Achatina (i thought my list would be longer) Basilisk should NOT be made radiation immune. It would be incredibly over powered to hide these in t
  12. Batteries in Tek Dedi Allow the storage of batteries in Tek Dedicated Storage. Separate for fully charged batteries and 0/500 batteries. Do not allow for anything in between
  13. Radiation Tek Forcefield It'd be nice if Tek Forcefield protected from radiation. Or perhaps add another item "Tek Rad Forcefield" Same concept as tek field except only protects from radiation. Make it cost element per hour so it'd be hard to have massive OP rad bases.
  14. Fertilizer- Tek Dedi Although not necessarily a resource, I believe it would be a good idea to allow the storage of fertilizer in tek dedi storage.
  15. jayespi92

    Giant Bat

    Giant Bat Some type of giant bat that you can ride. Could share the mechanics of Snow Owl/ Rock Drake/ Tapejara. Flies and moves like Snow Owl Can cling to walls like Tapej Can climb walls/ceilings(slowly) like a rock drake. Has some sort of sonar ability
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