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  1. The caging meta on Small Tribes is out of control. People don't build a fob when they come to your cave. They build a prison. Then they use some of the things added to the game recently to cage you. Many of which have little to no counters. For example: - Noglin, take control of your player, run you to a place where they can tranq you - Mantis, now they can be bred they can one tap knock out players (even through the best flak) - Tek Bow, allowing people to instantly knock you from long distances. If they land even a single hit you get stuck in an animation that allows them to easily keep hitting you until you're unconscious - Grenade Launcher, alternate between gravity grenades and poison grenades until you're unconscious Once an attacking tribe gets enough people caged they can basically offline raid you. It doesn't matter how many hours you have spent breeding, raising, farming, building and preparing. Once you are all caged it's GG. Everything you have on that base can be wiped while your gameplay is being locked in a room fed narcotics. This is not what anyone wants. Losing your base is one thing if you can be there to fight. But stuck in a box with someone throwing poison grenades? NO THANK YOU. I realize there are ways to make caging harder. To carry organic polymer on your hotbar. Or to SHIFT+B while caged to run your food down faster. IT DOESN'T WORK IN MANY SITUATIONS. Especially when you're left permanently torped via narc nades or narcotics so your food/water don't drain properly. PLEASE. Add a way for the caging to have a limit. Give a way for the caged player to free themselves. I don't care if it is timed that after X min handcuffed or unconscious you die, a /suicide chat command or whatever. If this meta stays like this less and less tribes will want to invest their time and build up. If you can lose all your hard work in no time to being caged it is going to make more and more players quit.
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