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  1. Für mich tatsächlich auch eher ungünstig. Da sie wahrscheinlich frühestens zum Abend veröffentlichen werden, wenn nicht sogar nachts, hätte es mit dem freien Montag gepasst. Jetzt kommt es Montag spät abends und am Dienstag müssen viele wieder arbeiten.
  2. When are you planning to increase the structure limit? I've built the same house as in ASE, or at least I'm trying to, but I've supposedly already reached the limit, even despite the large walls
  3. Another thing that just occurred to me: When will we benefit from the promised increased visibility of dinos on official servers? I can't see any of that at the moment...
  4. Apart from the performance upgrades, which you are already working on, it would be great if you could raise the structure and taming limit soon... To say that you have improved the performance of bases, but at the expense of the size of the base, somehow feels wrong. In addition, the taming limit is also an imposition and a catastrophe, especially for breeders. I know it probably can't be increased until the servers and clients are running better, but it would at least be nice to know if there are plans to increase it or not.
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