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  1. https://discord.gg/syUxty For more info join the discord server Come join the server for good pvp, admins willing to help with your needs, and to have fun!!! Remember ORP will only be on for the first week of server launch. So come now before it's over Server starts 4am(EST) and 3am(CST) Freshly wiped. Come now and claim your spot as king or queen
  2. Aries cluster 15x season 2, insta tame, fast breeding and maturing, 8 man tribe, and Freshly wiped Come join the server for some fun, freshly wiped for season 2. Will you be able to become the new alpha. You never know till you try!!! Discord invite code is: NVUJNPC Discord.gg/NVUJNPC When you join the discord feel free to mention jmiley15222 if you encounter any issues.
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