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  1. Howdy! Howdy, I'm looking for a tribe that i can help grow through grinding, farming, taming, and raiding. I plan on starting my own tribe, I am gonna need a plan B if it flops. [Male/19/Mid level player] [1000 hrs xbone/200 hrs pc] [Retrying Official/Small Tribes] [All Previous DLC] [Hate SE unless Silica Runs] [Discord: Birb#3794 ]
  2. Get ready, We are picking on this day! -[Have a Description in Invite ] -[Add me on Discord: Birb#3794 ] -[Decently Leveled Character on Server Type {island note runs or just normal grinding} if not don't worry!]
  3. Pickle Ticklers v3 (Need of Members) Heya, I’m looking for members for a tribe my friends and i are going to start. I don’t care about the time you have played just if you are 70% active. I would like people who know how to play early game. I can teach late to end game stuff like Raiding/Bosses. we only have 3 dedicated people beside 1 of those works a lot. DLC please! I go by zombie, i have one friend named Twitchy and lastly Scott. we have tons of hours on console over 2000 hours together. we have all dlc and can play on any map. We are very shy at first . Offensive Toxic
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