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  1. Insane props for 321.1, allowing us to enable levelling flyer movement speed!!! Personally i dreamt of this day for years I remember when this was the standard setting, and now I don't need flyer mods anymore!
  2. The problem is that we can not really make wild dinos stronger, without affecting our tames aswell, it's great if you wanna boost your tames, but that's not what I'm going for. DinoResistanceMultiplier and DinoDamageMultiplier affect both wild and tamed dinos (So it won't help) TamedDinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Example_Character_BP_C",Multiplier=0.5) Can do the job, BUT you would need over 200 lines of this to fully cover all of the creatures. (this is why we need the .ini, would make it a lot easier) Stats per level is not really a way to make things more diff
  3. Would be really great if we had: WildDinoDamageMultiplier= WildDinoResistanceMultiplier= TameDinoDamageMultiplier= TameDinoResistanceMultiplier= Afaik they used to work once? nevertheless it would be a great way for server owners to customize the "difficulty".
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