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  1. Me and my friend were thinking about running another ark playthrough together and were deciding on a nitrado Dedicated Server or if one of us should just run it non dedicated (we both have the specs to run a NDS). I was wondering if one of us makes it if there's any way to allow the other to log in when the owner is gone and play it anyways, whether that be through file sharing, admin permissions, etc. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello friends, I have a non dedicated server with a few of my friends (which i am the admin of), and several of them need metal for their upcoming projects, and usually go to herbivore island to get it. the metal, however, is not respawning there, or anywhere else. I have tried pretty much everything in my playbook to get it to spawn (slomo command, turned resource node respawns and distance from structures down to 0.01, restarted server many times, and literally just sat afk for hours) yet it does not spawn. any help is much appreciated.
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